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?? General information about evaporative outdoor air coolers, Patio heaters & misting fans ??


The weather is never just right when you’re outdoors in Dubai. It’s always too cold or hot, and for this, you need a patio heater for the winter or an outdoor air cooler during the summer. The following heaters and coolers available in all shapes and sizes are essential to any living space

Evaporative outdoor air coolers

Dubai’s summer heat needs some relief; swamp evaporative coolers and misting fans are just the solutions. Selecting the one requires a consideration of their features and applications:  

  • Features and Uses of Evaporative Air Coolers (swamp or wet cooling machines)  

An evaporative air cooler or cooling machine works by first drawing in hot air and blowing it over the water surface inside the device. The water absorbs the warmth from the air and evaporates. Therefore, the air leaving the cooler is humid and cold. Note that, it differs from air conditioners which use refrigerant chemicals to cool the air. Also, conditioners are not suitable for outdoor use.  

If you reside in a hot, arid area, this type is suitable. However, it tends to consume a lot of tap water and takes up space. Also, they are not suited for indoor use since they produce humid air.  

Outdoor Patio heaters

If you have any special event planned during a chilly evening, you need a stable source of warmth. You could light a fire but, in the modern era, and there are other better options.  

For outdoor heating solutions, Patio heaters will provide warmth to a variety of environments. They can run on gas or electricity depending on the energy required. But, be realistic when buying one, don’t expect too much heat.  

  • Gas Patio heaters: They are more efficient and economical than the electric types. They burn propane from hook-up tanks, which are refillable and can be a low-cost alternative. You can use them when you are camping since they are portable. Some are almost 7-8 feet and are not suitable for indoor use since they produce carbon dioxide.  
  • Electrical heaters: They are not expensive and maintenance free making them more convenient. Also, winds don’t affect this kind of heaters. They have bulbs that produce heat which must be replaced with use.  

When buying heaters look for the following convenient features, button ignition, low waste heat output, automatic shutoff and low power consumption. Gas heaters with an automatic shut-off means that when they fail down accidentally, they stop burning.  

Misting Fans

They are based on the principle that when water evaporators it absorbs heat. They have two main elements the misting pump and spray nozzles. During their operation, misting pump pressures water, that is dispersed to the surrounding using small spray nozzles.  

It forms small water droplets which evaporate instantly after drawing the heat from the surrounding. They are suitable for outdoor use but can cause the patio and surrounding area to become wet if the droplets are too large.  

An upside of using misting fans is that they are more energy efficient and take up less space than coolers. When purchasing one, look at the pressure specification; the more the pressure, the better the quality.