Quartz tube pyramid patio heater with electric ignition (S.S)

AED 599

Gas heater

Gas heater

Gas heater


What makes this pyramid patio heater special !

The quartz tube inside this outdoor heater offers many advantages versus glass tube. More purity, heat efficiency and resistance to sudden temperatures changes. And while it doesn’t rain much in Dubai (nor you should basically use under rain), If by any chance some water drops hits a hot glass tube, there is a good chance It would crack. While quartz tubes offer much more durability.

Also we advice using powder coated heater instead of stainless in extreme humid places, like near beaches.

More details:

Finish: Stainless steel

Reflector diameter                          480mm

Height                                                   2220mm

Base diameter                                   530mm

Fuel                                                       LP Gas

Power                                                   11kw

Gas consumption                             0.4-0.75kg/h

Heat radiation                                   20 sqm

Ignition                                                 Electric Pulse

Gross weight                                     27kg

Safety                                                   Anti-tilt & Auto shut-off

Dubai civil defence approved

With Wheels

*Cover is optional

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