Climate Control beyond the Confined Indoors

There are state of the art heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that can efficiently and effectively create the kind of ambience you want in your home or office. You can regulate the temperature, not just to degrees but to decimals of degrees. You can decide how much humidity or moisture you want in your home or office. HVAC systems come with various modes of operation. They can heat or cool the indoors and ventilate. They can work in fan modes and they can circulate dry air extracting the moisture out of the indoor air when there is high relative humidity, especially during the wet spells. Climate control is no longer a challenge or an elusive reality. It is a common privilege but it is still largely confined indoors. How about climate control beyond the confined indoors? 

When the mercury dips, many people avoid the freezing outdoors and when the sun is at its scorching best, many people venture out when the sun sets. You cannot light a fire everywhere outside. You cannot use an air conditioner when you are outside. It is not practically possible to always be in the pool and gazebos or cabanas are not always sufficient to keep you cool. The best way to enjoy the outdoors when it is considerably uncomfortable is to use evaporative outdoor air coolers and patio heaters. 

  • Evaporative outdoor Air coolers are essentially fans that can cool the air as it passes over a refrigerant, water or ice. Air coolers are widely used in hot and dry cities around the world, be it in the Middle East, Mexico and Central America, Africa, the Caribbean and even parts of India. Air coolers can be effectively used at any place where the natural air is relatively dry. If there is too much moisture in the air, then the air coolers will not be as effective as they can be. You may choose air coolers with a coolant inside or you may choose models that will work with water and ice.
  • Wall fixed and portable misting fans might be good choice for play grounds, pool side and other summer fun activities.
  • Dry outdoor cooling fans are other option if weather is not extremely hot.


  • Outdoor Patio heaters are by far the best buy for winters. Very few people need any heating when they are embarking on adventures treading on the snow. Heating is necessary when one is idle and trying to unwind despite the freezing outdoors. Patio heaters will create a warm haven and you don’t have to stay confined in your home.
  • What about temporary outdoor cooling /heating needs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


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