Superior Misting Fan Rental in Dubai

We, at Climate Plus, aim to provide our clients options when it comes to creating a cool environment for outdoor events and gatherings. Our elevated line of superior misting fan rental units can help clients create cool outdoor environments that would make guests comfortable at a very low cost. Whether you are looking for an equipment to manage the temperature in your space temporarily or make your outdoor event a success, we are the company you can rely on.

Benefits of using a misting fan

Misting fans are the popular choice for outdoor events and gatherings, along with other cooling equipment. Using this device can yield a number of benefits for clients, event organisers, and their guests, like:

  • Helps manage the temperature
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Easy to maintain

A misting fan can also do wonders for one’s health and well-being. Using a mist fan rental can help them regulate body temperature, especially during the summer season. It can also help manage allergies as this can lessen the presence of pollens in the air.

 Industrial-grade mist cooling system for outdoor events

Climate Plus offers clients affordable rental packages and options for cooling products and equipment. Our line of outdoor fans is offered within the price points that every income group can afford. We also provide line of other cooling appliances and models for the clients to choose from. Whether they need a mist cooling system to keep their outdoor event or just want to keep the outdoor temperature manageable for everyone, we have the product that will address your needs.

Enjoy the outdoors with a cool and comfortable environment

Browse below our large selection of misting fans and pick the ones that would suit your event requirement. Schedule an appointment or request a call back by contacting these numbers: +971-4-3444529, +971-4-3441060, +971-56-6730773. Send us an email on info@climateplus.ae.