Climateplus mushroom gas heater parts

Climateplus mushroom gas heaters are a type of outdoor heater that are commonly used in commercial and outdoor dining spaces all over UAE. The main parts of a typical Climateplus mushroom gas heater include:

  1. Base: The base of the heater is the bottom part that rests on the ground or floor. It typically contains the fuel source, such as a propane or LPG tank, as well as in few models the control panel for adjusting the heat output or timing.
  2. Stem: The stem is the vertical part of the heater that extends up from the base. It is typically made of metal and houses the gas lines and other components.
  3. Burner: The burner is the component that ignites the propane or natural gas to create the heat. It is typically located at the top of the stem and can be adjusted to control the intensity of the flame.
  4. Reflector: The reflector is a metal plate located above the burner that reflects the heat outwards and away from the heater. It helps to distribute heat more evenly and reduce the amount of heat that is lost upwards. The best reflectors are made from 1 piece of metal sheet, cheaper ones consists of 2 or more parts.
  5. Igniter: The igniter is a small component that produces a spark to ignite the burner. It is typically located near the burner and is activated by a button or switch on the control panel.
  6. Safety features: Many Climateplus mushroom gas heaters come equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off switches that turn off the heater if it tips over or if the oxygen level in the area gets too low.


Overall, these main parts work together to produce heat and create a warm, comfortable outdoor environment. The dome shape of the heater allows for a larger coverage area than other types of outdoor heaters, making it a popular choice for commercial and large outdoor spaces.

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