Mist cooling systems have gained immense popularity among people who need premium air cooling units for both outdoor and indoor spaces in Dubai, but do not want to invest in air conditioners. These misting fans compress the warm air and make the temperatures suitable and comfortable enough for spending warm summer days outside without getting roasted by the sweltering Dubai heat.

At Climate Plus, we provide all HP misting solutions with parts and fittings with or without the fans. We have both portable and fitting mist cooling systems available to suit all your needs and requirements.


Outdoor cooling

Animal cooling


Dust suppression

Mist visual effects

Mosquito repellent

Fresh produce misting

Greenhouse climate control

Static electricity elimination

Chemical dosing

Chiller pre-cooling

Disinfection Misting Frames

Variety Of Misting System

The fixed misting system is more economical, but sometimes you want to invest in the portable misting fans.

The biggest attraction of the portable outdoor misting fans is that they are very convenient. The portability factor of the fans makes them very interesting because you can take them wherever you go. The fans are light in weight so your body will not get injured by lifting the fans. 

Most of the fans have long wires so you can easily place the switch in any socket near you. It will never let you stay in the warmth.

Hooray, now you could enjoy climate+ misting for the time you want, whenever you want.

Hire a complete high-pressure misting package for day, two or a month. Below table shows only estimation of misting rental (in UAE):






10 nozzlesFrom 300 AED200 AEDWorking system with 15m flex-pipes & standard tie fix
20 nozzlesFrom 500 AED200 AEDWorking system with 30m flex-pipes & standard tie fix
CustomN/A200 AEDWorking system with customized options

* These rates are subject to confirmation at booking time

With the help of the misting, you will not be restricted indoor. You can take your parties, events, and celebrations outside because the portable outdoor misting fans will keep you and your guests cool in all conditions.  

In case the inside if your house is not very welcoming you can take the fan inside and it will take away all the heat. With the fan, you can have a soothing atmosphere anywhere you like and there is no need to tolerate the warm temperature anymore.

The best thing about the misting systems & fan is that it is available at an affordable cost. And consumes much less energy.

  • It is the best alternative for the outdoor air conditioning or other systems you might have been planning to buy 
  • Sometimes we offer special deals and you can have discounts on special events  
  • They are manufactured with the best quality material and so the fans will last longer. 
  • The portable outdoor misting fans will be your one-time investment.  

As the Coronavirus pandemic continue spreading all over the world, At climate+ we try do our part to support public health. Implementing our expertise in various misting and fogging solutions and chemical dosing (or disinfectants).
We started assembling “Disinfectant Fog Gates” or “DFG”, partnering with local chemical industries in UAE. Those would have option for bio-safe disinfectant fogging for humans, or other disinfectants for goods or trucks.


We also noticed recently several videos of different variation of disinfection tunnels or gates that seems not very effective. Things like full dense fog coverage are a must for effective disinfection system.

Also supporting the increased need for portable disinfection sprayers, We supply variety of capacities of manual sprayers and electric cold foggers

Manual sprayers

2 manual sprayers & disinfectant bottle

Electric foggers

Electric cold fogger with disinfectant bottle

Choose From A Variety Of Mist Cooling Systems Available At Economical Prices

Climate Plus is one of the leading mist cooling system suppliers in the city that has partnered with some of the top manufacturing companies and brands all across the globe to provide a complete variety of high quality, premium products in multiple shapes, sizes and models.

You can use these mist cooling systems in multiple applications. For instance, these devices can be used for outdoor cooling, misting effects, disinfection and mosquito repellant, humidification, greenhouse temperature control, animal cooling etc.

Purchase a mist cooling system that meets all your usage and budget requirements and is both high quality and affordably priced.

Get Mist Cooling Fans Rental Solutions & Expert Advice From Experts

If you are looking for a temporary, short term outdoor cooling solution in Dubai for a short period of time, then you are at the right place. At Climate Plus, we also provide convenient and premier rental services and solutions to our customers all across the city.

Moreover, we have a dedicated and a highly trained team of specialists who can help you out with all kinds of maintenance and installation problems and assist you in finding the right item according to your requirements.

Misting System Products

Choose us is your best decision

Climate+ offers free consultation

There are many options available in the market. There are different sizes, styles and misting system. At Climate+ We can easily select the one that meets your requirements.  

The fan will protect your family from the stress and heat that comes with the sun. It is manufactured using different types of material.

You have to be very careful when you are looking for the misting solution. It is important that you conduct a proper research before selecting supplier. Check the reviews and Warranty.

Always stick with outdoor cooling specialists, with “Climate+ Dubai”.

Happy misting !!!