26″ industrial outdoor cooling fan

AED 799





Classic standing industrial outdoor cooling fan with aluminum blades. Used widely for industrial cooling applications in Dubai and the Emirates. It combines low cost with good durability.
The 2018 model of this pedestal fan comes with more cage wires to increase the grill strength. And cross base is compact, however, very heavy to prevent falling for more safe operation.

Other specifications:

Power Supply (V/Ph)  220V/50HZ
Fan Size  26 Inch
Rated Power  230 watts
Height  165-185cm adjustable
Fan Side-wards Inclination Angle  180°
Fan Up-down pendulum Angle  30°
Motor  Copper
Fan Blade  Aluminum
Base  Cross


Where are these fans mostly used:

In UAE generally and Dubai /Abu Dhabi where We see the major industrial sites, The dry outdoor cooling fans might come very handy for many months over the year.

Specially in open vast outdoor areas, Where A/C or evaporative cooling couldn’t be used.

This fan is available for rental as well within UAE.

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