High capacity HEPA air purifier with activated carbon and PM2.5 display

AED 1,255


With three-stage filtering process (Pre-filter, HEPA & activated carbon), a purity of 99.9% could be achieved. Works for smoke, odors, mold and other pollen. As tiny as 0.3 microns particles are removed.
This air purifier uses beside the 7 air flow speeds, the spreading of negative ions all over the corners, solving purification problem of corners and little distant areas.
Fitted with remote, LCD (PM2.5, T, RH%, odor …) & standard control functions like timers, ultra quite sleep mode (<25db), child lock and brightness light sensor.
Included humidifier function, that could be optionally started when the integrated sensor sense that ambient humidity is less than recommended for human body.


  • Color: Gold-Grey
  • Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50hz
  • Negative ION cancellation: 12 million/cm3
  • CADR: 400m3/h
  • Net Weight: 10.8kg
  • Gross Weight: 11.8kg
  • Using Area: 40-50m2
  • Product Size: 412X223X730mm


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